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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home

Once upon a time, homeowners could only buy a central air conditioning unit. That meant paying a small fortune in advance or financing with no additional benefits. Then the owner paid even more for maintenance and repairs in the years to follow.

How things have changed! Today, the Stress-Free A/C program offers you a better way to get an air conditioner. What makes it better than an outright purchase of a new unit? Read on!

Low monthly payments

Affordability is one of the great advantages of the Stress-Free A/C program. Instead of forking over thousands of dollars to install a new A/C unit, you make one low monthly payment over your term period.

How low can your payment go? We offer leases on our smallest A/C units starting at $69 a month plus tax. So what do you get for your money?

Same quality air conditioner plus smart thermostat

The Stress-Free A/C program guarantees you will receive a brand-new, efficient air conditioner from a top-name manufacturer. You’ll also get a smart thermostat that can help you manage your energy usage and even lower your electric bill.

Of course, with a major appliance like this, you’ll want the highest possible value for your dollar. So what happens if your A/C breaks down? Are you on the hook for high service costs? No way.

We cover your repairs and maintenance

If you have an equipment failure due to normal wear and tear, an experienced technician will visit your home to fix it. There is no cost to you because the cost of repairs is already covered in your monthly payment.

The same goes for annual maintenance. Each year, the Stress-Free A/C program includes the scheduling and payment of an air conditioner tune-up. A technician will visit your home to ensure your system runs at its best. And filters? You’ll have four of them delivered to your door every year. What could be easier?

You’re sure to enjoy these valuable benefits. But if the day comes when you would prefer to own your A/C free and clear, we’ll be glad to help.

Buy your A/C anytime

The Stress-Free A/C program makes it easy for you to take full ownership of your unit, along with repair and annual maintenance obligations. Feel free to contact the customer service team to convert your participation in the Stress-Free A/C program to A/C ownership.

It’s easy to take the hassle and expense out of maintaining a new central air unit. With the Stress-Free A/C program, you keep more money in your pocket to spend on things you really want. Once you try it, you may never buy an air conditioner again.

FPL Home is an unregulated subsidiary of Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). The Stress-Free A/C™ program is offered and provided by FPL Home, License No. CAC 1820493, and not FPL. 

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