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A valuable entry-level solution for your A/C needs

$89 / month

A more efficient, cost-effective option for your home

$95 / month

The best way to keep your home cool and comfortable

$125 / month

  • No down payment!
    Plans starting at only $89 per month

  • We’ll repair or replace it if it fails due to normal wear and tear
    It's covered in your program at no cost to you

  • Brand-new central A/C unit plus smart thermostat
    Helps keep you comfortable while reducing energy use and bills

  • 4 air filters and 1 tune-up per year are included in monthly fee

    We take care of maintenance, at no charge

All Stress-Free A/C systems include:


What brand of equipment am I getting?

Your A/C unit will be a nationally recognized brand.

What type of equipment is included in a lease install?

Central air conditioning units in a variety of sizes and energy-efficiencies are offered to meet your needs.

How do I confirm my installation date/time? How long will the installation take to complete?

A customer representative will contact you to confirm your preferred schedule date and time. A typical installation takes about 4-6 hours.

If my A/C unit breaks, how soon can it be repaired?

A repair technician can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours to commence the repair process.

How does the maintenance/repair program work?

FPL Home Services will handle the maintenance and repairs that are necessary due to normal wear and tear. FPL Home Services will work to accommodate your preferred appointment dates and times.

Why should I consider an A/C program?
An A/C program bypasses the hassles of buying a new central air conditioner unit. Instead of paying thousands for a new unit up front, you make one low monthly payment, which includes the costs of annual maintenance and repairs due to normal wear and tear, making your experience is stress-free!

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*Valid with enrollment of any Stress-Free A/C program. Offer expires June 30, 2020.

FPL Home Services is a subsidiary of FPL Home and an unregulated indirect subsidiary of Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). The Stress-Free A/CSM program is offered and provided by FPL Home Services, License No. CAC1820030, and not FPL Home or FPL. Payments starting at $89 per month are inclusive of a 9% APR for an 8-year term.  Monthly payments, rates and term may vary.  Please see your Truth in Lending Disclosure that will accompany your agreement for your exact APR.

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