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All Stress-Free A/C contractor benefits include:

  • Homeowner financing - zero points to the contractor 
  • Quick payments upon finalization of the install 
  • Contractor’s choice of equipment brand and install price 
  • Yearly recurring annual tune-up revenue 
  • Contractor relationship with the homeowner 
  • 24/7 program support 
  • Co-branded marketing support






Cotractors Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the term of the agreement?

    An agreement can run for eight, nine, or ten years, depending on financing terms. The customer’s credit card will be billed monthly. 

  • Do you provide training?

    Yes, contractor sales representatives and office staff may receive training in program protocols.

  • How many contractors are you bringing on in my area?

    The number of contractors in the Stress-Free A/C program varies from area to area.

  • What about after-hours support?

    Homeowners may contact the servicing contractor. Contractors may contact FPL Home after regular business hours.

  • How are ductwork and other install items handled?

    If the contractor determines that the customer needs additional ductwork or other installations, those are additional charges payable by the customer. FPL Home is not responsible for the contractor’s additional installations, and collection of payment for such services is the contractor’s responsibility.

  • If there is an equipment failure, who does the customer contact?

    The customer calls the phone number located on the A/C unit, or they can call Stress-Free A/C customer service at 833-437-5466. Either way, the contractor will be contacted to dispatch a repair technician to the customer’s home.

  • Who provides the equipment or what brands do I have to sell?

    Equipment and brands are determined and provided by the contractor at their discretion.

  • What type of equipment (straight cool, heat pump, SEER) can I offer?

    The program offers SEER 14, 16 and 18 models of central air conditioner units.

  • How can I advertise this program?

    Individual contractors may use marketing materials for the Stress-Free A/C program as provided by FPL Home. These materials will include social media, direct mail, and collateral. 

  • Who pays for the warranty?

    Warranty coverage is provided and administered by FPL Home.

  • Is there a buyout?

    Yes. At the end of their agreement term, a customer may either: (1) Continue their lease and the required FPL Home repair and maintenance of the System on a year to year basis, or (2) Purchase the system for a nominal fee, or (3) Request that FPL Home to remove the system at FPL Home's cost.

  • What happens when the customer is declined? Can I use another finance offering to keep the sale?

    If the customer’s Stress-Free A/C program credit application is declined, the contractor may use other available means of financing to complete the transaction. 

  • Who schedules the tune-up?

    The annual tune-up is scheduled and serviced by the individual contractor.


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